My Paternal Grandmother

I thought it only fair to write about my other grandmother, since I wrote about my other grandparents yesterday.

I have many fond memories of spending weekends with her. When I was fairly young, I started spending the night at her house on Saturdays, and spending part of the Sunday with her.

My Granny was the baby of the family out of 7 kids. Both her brothers fought in WWII. One lost his life on the battlefield in Italy, and the other was forever mentally affected from his tour of duty.

My grandmother worked for the state’s employment service for 25 years, and that is where she retired from. She used to live out of town in a city to the south working during the week and coming home on the weekends. She always brought me a McDonalds cheeseburger, because we didn’t have a McDonalds in our little town at the time.

My grandmother lived in her parents old home. The house was built around 1900, and my great-grandparents moved into it in the 1940’s with the family. The house is unique. It has two rooms on the front that could be used interchangeably as living rooms. One room was converted into a bedroom. There are 3 bedrooms, and a bathroom that was added on later from the original house build.  There’s also a room that we’ve always called the “sun room” that connected the kitchen to the bathroom. The outside of the house is a green color. There are two fireplaces, but they weren’t really used. The fireplace in the living room now has a gas heater inserted in it.

Many Saturday nights were spent with my Granny, and we always had a good time. We would watch Hee Haw, and sometimes The Grand Ole Opry. Sometimes we would watch tv, and granny would fall asleep. She would always wake up and get ready for bed. Sunday mornings were always so fun for a kid. She would make me breakfast. She would cut open an english muffin, toast it, and then put butter and chocolate syrup on it. Then she’d cut it up into pieces for me. Some mornings we’d watch church on tv.

She’s as tough as they come. She has conquered a rare blood disorder that required removal of one lung, autologous stem cell therapy, and a single chemo treatment that made her lose all her hair. She is in remission from her blood disorder, but a couple years ago a mammogram indicated an abnormality. She ended up having to have a mastectomy, but thankfully no chemo or radiation. She suffers from dementia now. Thru everything my grandmother has remained relatively upbeat, and I admire her strength.

She enjoys telling stories from her childhood. At this point with her dementia, she repeats the stories many times. I’m going to get an audio recording of her telling her stories, so I’ll always have them.


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