Family, Yoga, and a Budget Update

MrBalentine went to work early this morning, and I woke up at 6:30. I had coffee, and another budget friendly breakfast. We are still doing fairly well on our budget challenge. We got some groceries yesterday for $26.49, bringing our monthly grocery spending so far to $114.00. I had leftovers for lunch, and BJ used some cash he had to buy his own lunch for $8. That will hopefully be his meal out for the month. My dad has come to visit for a couple of days, and he graciously paid for our dinner at our favorite pizza place. We got an extra pizza to take home with us. I think things are looking pretty good on the budget challenge front. I intend to go thru some recipes online and in cookbooks this weekend, and find some new recipes to try.

I’m doing pretty well with my foot recovery. I still have some tenderness when I walk. I had a left plantar fasciotomy with a Baxter nerve release. I’m now in normal sneakers with high quality insoles.

I’ve been having migraines now for 7 months every single day. They don’t usually take me out completely, but things are beginning to get desperate. I initially had some dull headaches on the left side of my head. The worst problems at that time were dizziness and ringing in my left ear. It was causing significant nausea. I went to my primary doctor who got an MRI of my brain which was found to be normal. Then my primary doctor sent me to an ENT to check it out. I had a test called an electronystygmogram or ENG. In the ENG I was very uncomfortable. They blow cool and then warm air in your ear, and then monitor your dizziness and eye movements with sensors. The ENG was essentially normal, but I did go to an eye doctor to be sure. My ENT determined that all my symptoms were being caused by migraines. I have had many headaches in the past and flashes of light in front of my eyes, but nothing like is has been. I went to my neurologist after a few failed treatments. I had a reaction to Imitrex where it caused confusion. Regular headache medicines doesn’t touch the pain. I was started on a preventative medication called Topamax. It caused me to feel very foggy brain wise, and I would lose my words when I tried to talk. My neurologist gave up on me, and was going to send me to a pain clinic. I don’t want to take narcotic pain pills. I decided to call Vanderbilt’s Headache Clinic, and I now have an appointment with them. I realized that taking Tylenol several times a day, every day was potentially making the headaches worse. Reading up on it I did indeed figure out that Tylenol taken like that can cause rebound or medication overuse headaches. I stopped taking Tylenol this morning, and I have had such a terrible headache. It starts at the left base of my skull, and wraps around to the left forehead. I had to call the primary doctor yesterday and get some anti-nausea medicine.

I started my first yoga session today. I had a DVD that I’ve been wanting to use, but didn’t realize I could do some extremely gentle yoga. I’ve been waiting to get the all clear from my foot doctor to do yoga. I put the DVD in the player today and found out there are about 5 seated routines. I did a 30 minute seated yoga session, and it was a good stretching exercise. I plan on doing some every day.


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