Out on the Town

Yesterday I got out of the house by myself for the first time since my June 10th foot surgery. I started the day about 6:30 with Joey pacing the floor. If he starts pacing in the bedroom where we have hardwood floors, all you can hear is the “click and clack” of his nails. So I just got up for the day.

I had farm fresh scrambled eggs and vegetarian sausage for breakfast. I’m in need of more eggs, and I’m hoping I can get some more soon. These eggs have such bright yolks and taste so rich. For lunch I ate leftover Impromptu burritos. MrBalentine took leftover burritos to work for lunch.

I had an appointment at 2, so I left early to get a few supplies for a new hobby I’m about to pursue. I left 12:30 to try to give myself plenty of time. This was the first time I had driven in almost 2 months. I drove MrBalentine’s truck, because my car’s battery has a loose connection. He didn’t want me stranded while I was out. I stopped at McDonalds and spent $1.09 on a large cup of unsweet tea. I should’ve tried to prepare better for something to drink. I have excessive thirst due to some medications I take. I went in to McDonalds to get the tea instead of going thru the drive-thru. They usually put too much ice in there, so I got my own to make sure I got as much tea as I could.

I drove to Hobby Lobby and picked up a large pack of colored pencils. I have decided i would like to start doing adult coloring as a hobby. I spent many hours coloring as a child with my grandmother, and coloring brings me so much peace. It is used in therapy in some places, because it is meditative. As you make the strokes of your pencil, you are thinking about the task at hand and not any stress you might have. Pinterest has a vast amount of links to printable coloring pages. They can be very detailed, and look beautiful. I have the Hobby Lobby app on my phone and I got 40% off on the pencils. I spent $3.70 on them. I was proud of myself, because I picked up a ball of yarn that was on clearance (I have a weakness for yarn), and then put it back after thinking more about what I was there for.

After Hobby Lobby, I decided to go to Walgreens to pick up a vitamin water to take to my appointment with me. While I was there, I decided to buy a clipboard to hold the coloring pages, and it was $3.29. I also picked up a pencil box to store then pencils in. They were having a back to school sale so I got the pencil box for about $1. My vitamin water was $1.49. I stopped myself from getting more. They were on sale for 3 for $3, but I didn’t need any more.

I went to my appointment, and then drove straight home. MrBalentine got home about 20 minutes after I did. We decided to have vegetarian burgers and corn on the cob for dinner. The burgers are made by Morningstar, and we ate the pizza and basil flavor. We just take them out of the freezer and throw them directly onto our George Foreman grill. We heated the corn up in the microwave. Later in the evening for a snack I had grapes and cantaloupe.

I’m getting some production from my garden. MrBalentine picked a few cherry tomatoes that were ready. This particular plant grew from seeds I got from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I bought quiet a few seeds from them this year. All were heirloom, and I picked the ones that were well suited to the heat of the Southeast. We have some cherry tomatoes that are growing from last year that were still in 5 gallon buckets. The new tomato plant was from the seeds I planted in the straw bale garden. These cherry tomatoes are orange when ripe instead of red. I also have some beefsteak tomatoes that are starting to produce pink tomatoes. I now have a handful of orange cherry tomatoes, and one beautiful beefsteak tomato.

One of my cherry tomatoes. I looks like it has a heart on it. It was yummy!
One of my cherry tomatoes. I looks like it has a heart on it. It was yummy!

Looking back on the day, I know I need to be better prepared for drinks when I go out of the house. I have some water bottles that I can fill up and take with me. That is my plan moving forward. I spent $2.58 on drinks, and on my new hobby I spent around $9. That initial money for my new hobby should get me pretty far. I already have a pencil sharpener, and I’ll probably only print out a couple of projects to work on at a time.


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