Friends and the Rain

I woke up about 6:30 and got a cup of coffee. I watched the news for a while, and then turned the tv off when I became bored with it. I like television ok, and there are a couple shows I really enjoy watching but I don’t necessarily need the television. I ate cheesy grits and a small cup of applesauce. 

It began raining rather early, and it hasn’t let up all day so far. My garden can use the rain, and it’s getting its fair share today. I had plans to meet up with a good friend and her little daughter at 11:30. I’m not a big fan of driving in the rain, but I really wanted to see my friend. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of months, and it had been even longer since I’d seen her daughter who is almost 2. 

I knew I was going to be counting this as my meal out for the month, and after yesterday I had decided to carry water with me whenever I leave the house. I rustled thru the cabinets and found an insulated water jug.  

My water jug for today’s outing.

In theory this container was great. Insulated to keep my water icy cold and portable. The end result was that it is leaky and hard to manage while driving down the road. So I’ll be rummaging thru the cabinets again for another container. It did keep me hydrated while I was driving though. Just got my shirt all wet. 

I had a delightful visit with my friend and her daughter. I ate a sandwich that had grilled zucchini, green olives, tomatoes, spinach, and yummy melted cheese. I had a side of steamed vegetables. This restaurant has some very tasty black currant tea. It is unsweetened and I just used my liquid stevia to sweeten it. We sat for about an hour catching up and watching her daughter. She’s very sweet and when you ask her who makes the rain she points to the sky and says God. So cute! The food cost almost $10, and for me the eating out for the month is over. 



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