Yesterday morning MrBalentine took me to the podiatrist. I had a surgery called a fasciotomy on my foot and a release of a nerve. I have been experiencing foot pain for over a year now. I started out going to a doctor who told me that my heel was broken. I looked at the X-ray, and saw no spot where it could be broke. I finally went to another doctor for a second opinion. He was amazing, and immediately found the problem. June 10th, I had the surgery. For several weeks I wasn’t able to bear any weight on the foot. I had a knee scooter to get around the house as best as I could. Then up until yesterday I was wearing a walking boot, even in my sleep. As of yesterday I no longer need the boot unless I overdo it.

I have been wanting to get into yoga for a long time. I originally injured my foot while working out too vigorously working out at the gym. I want to really get into yoga to strengthen my body and mind. I do meditation every day to help with pain, stress, and just life in general. I use two iPhone apps for meditation, one is Buddhify and the other is Insight Timer. They both are great. Insight Timer has an interesting array of features. You can do your own meditation, and it will sound a bell to mark the time. There’s also recorded guided meditations of varying lengths. Finally, they have a community of members who you can communicate with by joining different groups like a women’s group, etc. I purchased a yoga mat on eBay, and I have two DVDs to help me get started. I’m going to try to get MrBalentine to do it with me so he can strengthen his core. I lost another 1.4 pounds last week, and I’m really hoping that the yoga will help me start losing weight faster. Once I start regaining the use of my foot I’d like to start taking some walks in the neighborhood.

Yesterday’s food was another success of not eating out. We did go to the grocery store for some fruit and a couple of things for future meals. We spent $18.45 there, bringing our grocery total for the month to $86.87. For breakfast we both had frozen vegetarian sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches. MrBalentine took a few things for lunch at work. He got a PB&J sandwich, an apple, and two clementines. I ate a very small portion of the Superfood soup from the other night. During the afternoon I grazed a couple of times on grapes, applesauce that had been hiding in the pantry from our pantry organization, and a couple granola bars. For supper I prepared bowtie pasta with a generic pasta sauce. MrBalentine had eaten some of the same sauce a couple weeks ago, and wasn’t too impressed with the taste. I added fresh basil from the deck garden, dried oregano, and topped it with parmesan cheese. He liked it much better this time. After supper we each had some frozen fruit bars. Later I snacked on some more grapes.

I made a little money yesterday! I sold the knee scooter from the surgery on eBay. MrBalentine boxed it up for me, and I prepared it for the mail lady to pick it up today. That money will go to take Joey to the vet. It is time for his regular checkup and rabies vaccine.


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