The Heat is On

Actually for August first in northeast Alabama, the heat isn’t too bad. It’s 68 degrees  at 6 o’clock this morning and the humidity is fairly low. We had a “blue moon” last night (meaning the second full moon in a month’s time), and it was beautifully bright. MrBalentine just happened to step outside last night to look at the moon, and caught a glimpse of the International Space Station streaking across the sky. I’ve seen it before, and it just looks like a bright star moving at a fairly rapid clip across the sky.

MrBalentine went out to go fishing this morning. His thing is bass fishing, and he loves it more than just about anything in this world. He is strictly a catch and release fisherman. He occasionally accidentally hooks something besides a bass, but over the years he has amassed an arsenal of baits to fit his craft. A few years ago he bought a 1987 bass boat, and last year he had some improvements done on it. We don’t eat the fish partially because we’re vegetarian, and also because the river is full of pollution. There have been times in the past where we have eaten trout that he caught at a nearby lake that had been stocked with them. MrBalentine is willing to eat fish, but the vegetarian in me just can’t do it.

With today being the official start to August, it is the beginning of our budget challenge for food. We’ve done well not eating out any, and we haven’t picked up any groceries in the past few days. The goal is to spend $350 this month or less on groceries, including paper items and dog food. We are limited to eating out only once, if at all. We sat down last night and discussed some goals, both short term and long term. MrBalentine bought a truck this past year, and we want to pay that off as quickly as possible. My vehicle is already paid for, and we’re going to use it until the wheels fall off. He isn’t certain the exact grand total he owes at this time on his truck, so he’s going to call the bank on Monday to see so we can make a visual chart to keep up with our progress. I’m using this blog as a tool to keep us more accountable of our expenditures.

Food is where our initial focus is going to be on the cuts to our spending. We want to not only eat more cheaply, but more healthfully as well. We shop at a local produce market to get quiet a few fruits, veggies, and bulk items like beans and oats. We try to get locally sourced things when possible, because we really believe in supporting local businesses and people. From scratch cooking is very high on our agenda. From baked goods to main courses, if we can learn to cook from scratch it in many cases can be cheaper. It will also cut down on our exposure to preservatives.

I will update again this afternoon to let you know what I’ve been up to in the kitchen, and on anything else that happens today.





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