A New Day

In my efforts to live a more self-sufficient life I’ve got to face some cold, hard facts. The biggest fact is that the food budget for MrBalentine and I is totally out of control. We’ve been using the YNAB software for several months now, and taking a look at what we’ve been spending is sobering. It’s hard to admit, but we’ve been spending close to $700 a month in groceries and eating meals out. It’s counterintuitive to have budgeting software, yet not consciously setting ourselves an actual budget. Today it all changes.

I’m going to use this platform to keep us accountable, and just like any other habit it may be hard at first. I’m dedicated to lowering our expenses overall, but the food budget is the fist big step. For this first month we have set a budget of $350, with no more than one dining experience during that month. This will not only help our budget, but our waistlines. I can make much more progress with my weight loss if I’m controlling what foods and ingredients are going into my body.

We started the day with an expensive trip to the doctor. This doctor is no longer a participating member of my insurance provider, but I can file my own claim form to send in. We went out to eat breakfast, but that is when our real conversation about a food budget began. We realized we’ve been doing this for too long, and that this is where we stop. Our focus now is eating all meals that are made at home. So tonight’s dinner will be black eyed peas cooked in the homemade vegetable broth in the pressure cooker, and a slice of homemade bread.



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