All About Denver


Denver is our baby here at home. You’d never know he was the baby though, at 105 pounds. MrBalentine and I found him in a field along with another dog near our home one afternoon. It was the winter of 2013. Someone had dumped him and a female dog off near our home. We noticed them sitting there in the cold with not a soul around. MrBalentine turned around and stopped to see if he could help them. They were hesitant at first, but with a little incentive of food, Denver came up to us. We dubbed them Denver and Lucy. The temperatures were supposed to get well below freezing, and we were worried for their safety. We contacted the closest animal rescue we had volunteered with before. It turned out that they didn’t have room for two large dogs in their facility, so we brought Denver and Lucy home. We already had a very possessive dog that lives inside, so we decided that we would put them in the garage with a thick layer of blankets and old carpet padding to help insulate them from the cold. We slowly started trying to find homes for these deserving dogs, who where super well behaved. We took them to an adoption event in town, and a family took to Lucy right away.

We hated to break up the pair, but MrBalentine had already fallen in love with Denver, and he became a “foster failure”. Lucy was quickly adopted by a wonderful family in town, and Denver was adopted by us. He’s been a happy member of our family ever since. He is an outside dog, and has free roam of our fenced in back yard. He loves to give kisses, and he has a very happy attitude. He has definitely worked his way into our hearts, and I can’t imagine life without him. The funniest things he does is howl when there are sirens going off nearby. We live close to a volunteer fire department, an every time the sirens start up, Denver howls right along with the sirens.

Denver has turned into the best spur of the moment decision we have ever made. He’s a pure joy to own. He is a undetermined mix, but we’re pretty sure he has a lot of German shepherd in him.



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